Space elevator: A fiction or future of human space flight?

The Space Elevator

Getting into space is HARD! As much as we wish there were an easy and affordable way to see our planet floating in the dark. As of right now, the only way is to become an astronaut or a billionaire but there is a concept that might make it possible while serving as the starting point for the exploration of the universe; The Space Elevator but how exactly does it work? Let’s find out!

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Find out about the decades long search for water on Mars

Water on Mars

Mars was a world of rivers oceans even some astronomers said artificial canals serving Martian cities but today the planet is a desolate wasteland. Throughout history, people imagine Mars might be a planet like our own perhaps even our twin. Through telescopes, early astronomers thought they saw seas and continents even vegetation that changed with the seasons it seemed that many people agreed there must be water on Mars so the first actual photographs from the surface were a shock. This barren desert landscape wasn’t at all what many had imagined. Mars seemed of freezing dead world nothing like our own.

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